Imani Development has extensive experience in agri-services, including technical advisement, both in Malawi, as well as throughout the region. One of Imani's strengths in Agriculture is its variety of key partnerships with agricultural stakeholders in Malawi including, but not limited to: FES, TNP, Bonsucro, and African Parks. Imani has the capacity to assist in both large, and small-scale interventions, applying best practices advisement to a variety of technical agricultural situations.


Imani Development provides agri-services in three key areas: agri-finance, certification, and agronomy. Imani provides technical advice in the areas of agro-processing, agriculture management, agriculture investment and development, farm management, best agricultural practices, soil management, certifications, and other agronomic advice.



Featured Projects:


Fairtrade International - Sugarcane Cutting Cost-Benefit Analysis (2017)

This Technical Report delved into the practices surrounding burning sugarcane husbandry in Malawi, Latin America, and Fiji. It examined the costs and benefits of converting manual 'burnt' cane to manual 'green' cane cutting, both in terms of harvest, productivity, and financial return. A case study was also developed which looked at smallholder producers in the Shire Valley of Malawi, and the anticipated costs and investments that would be incurred by switching to 'green' cutting.


Scottish Government - Integrated Farming & Cooperative Agribusiness Programme (IFCAP) (2013-2016) 

IFCAP is enhancing the livelihoods of farmers in the Phata Cooperative (Chikwawa) and surrounding communities through agricultural diversification and integrated farming techniques, using existing sugarcane infrastructure as the basis for development. Development includes rice, legumes, aquaculture, woodlots, orchard, farm demonstration centre and farmer training. This project was achieved through collaboration with Agricane.